Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Journey

Please browse through the list of frequently asked questions below before contacting us.


Can anyone join this program?

Yes. This program is available to anyone. If you are under the supervision or have health related issues, a Doctor’s supervision and approval is necessary prior to your start.

Do I have to be a Christian to enter the journey?

No. The Journey is open to all beliefs.

Is this program free?

Yes. If you are an individual, this program is at no expense to you.

Will I be hungry?

With hundreds of people participating in this program, we have yet to have any individual complain that he/she is suffering from hunger.

When Can I start?

Start dates vary upon rotating classes. Contact us today to be a part of the next upcoming group!

What if I live in another city, state or Country?

We have participants that are located outside of Atlanta area. We would like to invite you to join The Journey today!

Can I really do it? Will I succeed?

That answer is completely up to you the individual. Should you engage this program fully and follow each step precisely, you will see amazing results mentally, physically and spiritually.

If I lose weight, will I receive instructions as to how I can maintain a healthy weight?

Yes. Every Journey is different. We’re here to assist you with your personal aspirations.

If I lose weight; however, I desire to lose more at the end of 45 days will there be something for me?

Yes. Dr. Williams is available to assist with your personalized goals even after the program*.

What if I don't need to lose any more weight?

If you do not have a need for weight loss, the journey is still a process you can greatly benefit from.

I work full time and I have a family. Will I have the time to go through The Journey?

Yes. The Journey will fit perfectly into your daily routine!

Are You Serious About Taking Your Life to the Next Level?

HealingThe process of healing can be uncomfortable but crucial to growth. With the help of the Journey, you will address traumatic issues from your past that you have subconsciously avoided. This is the first step towards complete transformation!

Transformation Things that are transformed are changed forever. In this second step, the trans-formation is not a physical one, but rather spiritual and emotional. Transformation occurs when the journeyer sees exactly what ways the darkness has affected them.

EmpowermentWhen you decide to make a conscious change from a world of darkness to one of the light, you will notice many new changes. You will exist on a higher level of consciousness. You will have energy and a newfound, deep, and sustainable relationship with God.

ExpansionAs you grow, change and transform - so will others! Others around you will be affected by the light that exudes from you. It will inspire change for others. Your journey is bigger than you - it will lead to the transformation of others.

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