Journey Participants Say This…

“When I began this process, I asked God to show me the way to a deeper relationship with Him. I received the answer to my prayer and in addition to it my doctor took me off one high blood pressure medicine and promised to remove the other in 3 months! Praise the Lord! I thank God for Dr. Joseph and this process. Be blessed!”

– Margaret

Today is day 6. It has been awesome! I normally don’t speak up about things I want and take care of others needs. Well today at a restaurant I did not accept whatever. I feel the energy and absence of fear since I have been on The Journey. I spoke up about where I was being seated. Thanks to The Journey my mind feels clearer and I don’t dwell as much on things I use to entertain.”

– Shaneeka

“The Journey has given me clarity in my life. The Journey helped me to make better choices and to think about things in a more positive light, rather than just seeing things for what it appears to be, not to mention I’m looking in the mirror and thinking I’m kinda cute! Once you take the Challenge you will know what I mean. I can’t imagine not being a part of the Journey it is a great offer of love, to those you
love. I’m loving and living a much better and healthier life.”

– Charlotte

“I’ve never felt this good before in my life.”

– Jean 

“I am learning things about myself that I never knew until now.”

– Don

I’ve went from being diagnosed as hypertensive to normal in 3 days.”

– Ronnie

I see and hear the voice of God more clearly.”

– Lisa

I am on this Journey and it has taken me to new heights in my life spiritually, emotionally and physically. I would recommend that everyone who is afforded this opportunity to take full advantage do so and see their life change before their eyes.”

– Eva

“The Journey is helping me tremendously in becoming a more disciplined individual. This Process is continuously molding me into what God really wants me to be by touching every aspect of my life; spiritually, emotionally and physically. The Process is Second to None!”

– Delores

“When you step outside of yourself…and allow GOD to be your inspiration and motivation during the Journey – he will show you things and allow things to be manifested like never before. Thank you GOD for your son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Dr. Williams, and the Journey!”

– Sophia

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  1. This experience was outstanding and very enlighting for me. Not only did I lose some weight from my body, but I released many burdens from my soul. Learning how to get rid of many emotional burdens that keep you looking in that refrigerator for that pie or ice cream. All of us have skeletons in our closet that keep us in bondage, but we may not know how to destroy them before they destroy us. This journey helps, having people of like minds and getting that coach or mentor that can lead you with the help of Christ, through the valley of food and overindulging. If you really love GOD, and say you trust him,than this is the path to understanding his purpose for you’re. Try it… and learn the techniques that Dr. Joseph Williams offers. Make a connection with others that will hold your hand through this journey.


  2. I have lost weight as a result of this process, I feel better and look better. I am also able to think with more clarity. Thank you Father for your vessel Joseph L. Williams. Continue to lift him up Father, shield and protect him with the blood of Jesus. Thank you God for all that You, have done, and all that You are going to do!

  3. The Journey Process was, is such a blessing to me. It addressed my physcial, mental, and spiritual needs and voids. I joined hearing that it was not a weight loss program but the “diet” was one of the reasons I signed up. In the end, the benefits for me were huge from a spiritual perspective. It guided me back to the diligence of many years ago when I sought The Lord, trusted HIm and witnessed his power on a day to day basis. This renewed my walk with him. I lost the weight, and gained so much in other ways. I have continued to practice all that I learned and embraced over those 40 days. it is not a program.It is a process and everyday I am going through the process. Praise God.

  4. My 40 day journey was hard in ths beginning, but with God first and Dr. Joseph L. Williams guiding you with the tools to press through the darkness into the light for mental, physical, and spiritual transformstion I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life. For anyone thinking of joining may you be blessed as I was through your Journey, Thank you Dr. Williams God bless you

  5. I went through The Journey at a time in my life where I just needed direction. I was “successful” by most comparisons yet still felt unfulfilled. I took a chance to be vulnerable, coachable and humble enough to receive direction in my life. I am so glad that I did. It was literally a life changing, no THE ice changing experience that I needed in my life. I was a participant, then a leader, then a super leader. The process has a way of engraining you in it so much so that I often refer to my journal that I kept on the Journey to get my mind focused if I happen to get off track. Trust me, this is a process that you want to do. Trust me. Just click YES. Sign up. Do your work.. Do the 40 days… You won’t regret it.

  6. Words alone cannot fully explain the impact that the “journey” has had on my life. Now that I have been taught and understand how important a lifestyle change really is, eating healthy is a part of my daily routine. Having just turned 60 I well know that those things I learned have helped me not just physically but more so spiritually…

  7. The Journey gave me new life. The Journey started as a 40 day process but transitioned into a lifestyle. I have been transformed mentally, physically, and spiritually. I had two serious issues that was stunting my growth in life. The first issue I had was a really bad temper and short fuse when I dealt with situations. Secondly, I had childhood issues that I had carried into my adult life. These things were alleviated through the Journey. As a result, I have become a better husband to my wife, father to my daughters, and son to my parents. As I dealt with those issues,I lost weight spiritually and physically. I no longer carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I thank God for giving Dr. Williams the vision of the Journey.

  8. The Journey is a lifestyle for me. It has transformed and continues to transform me into who I am destined to be. This lifestyle cause me to lose weight, but the weight was lost only as a result of me letting go of the things that had been stunting my spiritual growth. The Journey has helped me to deal with my problem of controlling my anger. Overall, I’ve become a better husband and father to my daughters as a result. I overcame some childhood issues I had with my father and now we have one of the best relationships a father or son could ask for. I am eternally grateful for what the Journey has done for me. The things I’ve gotten through the Journey are priceless. Thanks Dr. Williams for being such a blessing!

  9. Wow the Journey, where do I start?! Before the Journey process I was going through a divorce and having some deep emotional instability. I probably should have been on an anti-depressant or mood stabilizer but I was not. I needed help physically, mentally and spiritually and the Journey gave that to me and so much more! The Journey helped me to pinpoint where my issues stemmed from and once I acknowledged it I felt so free. A burden that I had been carrying with me since my childhood had been lifted. Most importantly the Journey process helped me to find my inner peace; true inner peace, not the temporary stuff. The stillness that only God can give you. Now in my life no matter what situation I am in, or what’s going on around me, I still have that stillness which is a blessing! It’s synonymous to the eye of a hurricane. No matter what destruction the hurricane causes around it the eye of the hurricane is always calm. Whatever you are looking for the Journey will give you the tools to find! It will be the best transformation in only 40 days! Make the rest of your life the best of your life!!!!!

  10. The Journey Process did wonder for me. It allowed me to open my eyes and see what was keeping me in the darkness. I was able to see my way to the light, by identifying my weakness. Changing how I react to my weakness and life. I became more spiritual and also loss weight. I gained some positive brother in my life.

  11. I am so proud of myself for signing up for this Journey!!! Yeee haw! I’m doing a dance in my chair right now. It has been a great ride. I am prayerful that this Journey touches the ears and souls of all of those who has heard of it and has embarked on it. I had to understand what I went through, so that I can go forth and complete the purpose that God prepared me for. I have changed how I think and how I speak so that the hurt that I have experienced is now my testimony and my victory tribute. I was given all the tools and knowledge to push on and stay connected. The main highlight for me was to increase my faith, my help towards others, and stay grounded. Sounds pretty easy hunh? Well it works! I’m so overjoyed and amazed at being renewed. This is the only way I desire to be.

  12. I was sent an email with the Journey address on it and at first I looked at it, read it and put it aside, then the Holy Spirit began speaking to me. I decided to take a deeper look at it and signed up. I must admit, this is a commitment to become a better you. During my Journey process I started to grow closer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I see the changes in me and so do others. I realized that I needed to Trust in God and the Journey showed me the way. It is truly a mind, body and spirit transformation. Thank you Dr. Joseph Williams for being blessed with the gift of wisdom and vision, and your willingness to help others.

  13. The Journey has truly changed my life. Through the completion of the 40 day process I have stepped into the destiny that God created me to fulfill, destiny that would not have come to fruition if I had not moved outside of my comfort zone. I struggled with the decision to pursue the process. “I’m not going to have time for that.” “I have to do what?!” “What’s the purpose of that?” “I don’t feel comfortable with this.” I had excuses and complaints about EVERYTHING. It wasn’t until I had to laugh at myself about one of my excuses that I took the time to step back and evaluate what my opposition was really about. “Why do we have to be Butterflies and they get to be Legends?” Lol!!! This was seriously one of my complaints people. The enemy was trying his best to keep me distracted and in the dark. That realization made me ask why? What potentially could the Journey Process bring to my life that the enemy wanted so badly blocked? Needless to say I’m happy to call myself a Butterfly now because I know what that means. I have a healthier mind, body and spirit. My relationship with God has been strengthened and as a byproduct everything else falls into place according to His will. My spiritual discernment has been heightened and my favor has been abundant. The Journey is an awesome process that has been ordained by God. I am thankful for it and for the shepherd He entrusted with the vision!

  14. I just can’t stop telling everybody how I was transformed through the 40 day Journey. This has been the best thing that could have every happened to me. My physical body was truly blessed by the transformation today Feb 26, 2013. I weighed in at 170lb. Many blessings have been bestowed upon me, meeting so many people, just coming up to me talking and me going up to them. My spiritual awakening has allowed me to touch so many people. I was so focused and disciplined during the Journey and I am continuing to transform to the beautiful butterfly!

  15. This was a very transforming experience for the soul, mind, and body. One of the leading life changing experiences I have had. I experienced positive results in all areas of my life and became more purpose driven in all areas of my life. “The Journey” works if you surrender yourself to the process and endure to the end. I know because I am a walking and living testimony. I am reaping the harvest of positive benefits of sown seeds from this program.

  16. The Journey process of me becoming a Butterfly was by far the most rewarding and fulfilling experience in my entire life. I am sleeping better, eating better, feeling better, reading God’s word better, and living healthier than I ever have before. During the process I was able to quit smoking cigarettes “Cold Turkey” after 22 years and have been tobacco free for 8 months!!!! No cravings and no desire to smoke ever again!!! To God Be The Glory!!!! Thank you Dr. Joseph Williams for helping me become the person God has meant for me to be.

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HealingThe process of healing can be uncomfortable but crucial to growth. With the help of the Journey, you will address traumatic issues from your past that you have subconsciously avoided. This is the first step towards complete transformation!

Transformation Things that are transformed are changed forever. In this second step, the trans-formation is not a physical one, but rather spiritual and emotional. Transformation occurs when the journeyer sees exactly what ways the darkness has affected them.

EmpowermentWhen you decide to make a conscious change from a world of darkness to one of the light, you will notice many new changes. You will exist on a higher level of consciousness. You will have energy and a newfound, deep, and sustainable relationship with God.

ExpansionAs you grow, change and transform - so will others! Others around you will be affected by the light that exudes from you. It will inspire change for others. Your journey is bigger than you - it will lead to the transformation of others.

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