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Graduate Urges Others to Take ‘The Journey”

Bishop Masters, a media relations consultant, is rejoicing over how much his life has changed during 2012. So are Stephanie Andry, Lynnette Mitchell, Olivia Taylor, Keith Terrell, Rod Holland and nearly 1,000 others who effusively endorse an innovative, spiritually-based health and wellness process called “The Journey” that has transformed their lives.

The Journey is a 45-day process of mind, body, and soul transformation that was founded by Atlanta’s Dr. Joseph Williams in 2011. Williams is the dynamic 35-year-old son of the legendary preacher, the Rev. Jasper Williams, and together they pastor Salem Bible Church East and West. Dr. Joseph, as he prefers to be addressed, is a Morehouse Man who has a Master of Divinity from the McAfee School of Theology and a Doctorate of Homiletics from Mercer University in Atlanta.

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Atlanta Pastor Reaches On The Inside And The Outside Of The Black Church With Breakthrough Results

Repost from Carrie L. Williams

“Remember, we started together – we finish together.”

There are no words more inspiring to the twenty-odd participants, and no one more inspiring to deliver them than Dr. Joseph L. Williams their coach, their man of God, and the one person who believes with every breath in his body, in what they will accomplish.  The participants are part of a pilot effort known as “The Journey”, a unique 45-day process of mind, body, and soul transformation that was founded by Dr. Joseph in 2011.

Transformation of mind, body, and soul?  Really?  Yes, really.
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HealingThe process of healing can be uncomfortable but crucial to growth. With the help of the Journey, you will address traumatic issues from your past that you have subconsciously avoided. This is the first step towards complete transformation!

Transformation Things that are transformed are changed forever. In this second step, the trans-formation is not a physical one, but rather spiritual and emotional. Transformation occurs when the journeyer sees exactly what ways the darkness has affected them.

EmpowermentWhen you decide to make a conscious change from a world of darkness to one of the light, you will notice many new changes. You will exist on a higher level of consciousness. You will have energy and a newfound, deep, and sustainable relationship with God.

ExpansionAs you grow, change and transform - so will others! Others around you will be affected by the light that exudes from you. It will inspire change for others. Your journey is bigger than you - it will lead to the transformation of others.

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